Den.Country Girl ‘Warabeuta’

Time of flowering/shipping: Nov.~April.
Cane size at blooming time: 25~45cm (10~18 inches)
Patent: Pending

One of the newest varieties has medium size flowers. It bears flowers in abundance with 4 blossoms on each node. Flower stems are strong and in good length with flowers facing one direction yet lining up all around the cane.
Spaces between nodes are short and flowers bloom densely adding quite an ornamental value. As canes grow thick from the base, straight and fast in one season, 2 to 3 canes in a pot can make a balanced arrangement. Reddish purple with reddish brown eye is not very unusual coloring.
Yet this type variety is not often cultivated. Usually plants in pastels and yellows are very popular in small pots. Venture out and add rarity and possibly use as a tactical tool for promoting sales. Long lasting florescence and healthy growth make the care easy.