Our dendrobiums can be found in nearly 100 countries around the world.


Fifty years has passed since we started our research specifically on innovative breeding and improvement of nobile type of dendrobiums. As of today, the number of hybridized pairs is four thousand of which several hundreds are on international registry. Due to this accomplishment, these improved varieties are recognized for their superb quality in the world market.
As a result, the name ‘Yamamoto Dendrobiums’ has become synonymous with a name to one specific group of orchids. Now there are numerous growers overseas cultivating them. At present, the environment surrounding the farming culture in our country is changing greatly. As growers we are faced with demand to adopt and adjust to such changes. To keep in touch with these changes, we have kept up with continuous researches to improve breeding and innovative hybridization always keeping in mind our consumers and growers alike. We have been making an exerted effort in satisfying both general customers and also the growers by presenting high quality and high profit yielding products. We only wish that our growers and general consumers to try their best in bringing these high quality Dendrobiums to healthy blooming.


YAMAMOTO DENDROBIUMS was established by Jiro Yamamoto in 1952. He started off with nobile type Dendrobium cultivation by working in aseptic culture research. In 1973, the proliferation method of nobile type Dendrobium was established by his research and was distributed all over the world.

Now about 4000 different kinds of Dendrobiums have been hybridized by Jiro Yamamoto and a lot of excellent new kinds have been created. His achievement can be grasped in RHS Sander's List of Orchid Hybrids. He is the number one infallible Dendrobium plant breeder of the world.

At this main nursery in Hamano, Okayama City, Japan, seedling production, seeding and tissue culture (mericlone) production are in some extent always in progress. From this greenhouse, new varieties of the selected best are shipped worldwide.

In 1974 We established the first branch nursery abroad, in Hawaii, U.S.A.

In 1982, we established our second branch in Chiang Mai of Thailand. As a result, it moved forward the production of tissue culture (mericlone) plants for Europe and American markets in full operation.

The improved and innovated seedling are nurtured in Japan and then shipped out to Thailand for bioproduction. Next, they are sent to the Hawaii branch and to our representative in Holland, where they are then distributed to the Mainland America, Europe, and numerous other locations in the world.

High Appraisals

A lot of excellent Dendrobiums created by YAMAMOTO DENDROBIUMS have received the high appraisal in a lot of famous orchid shows because of the height (superiority?) of quality.

At the Competitive Exhibition of the most prestigious Royal Horticultural Society in 1969, Jiro Yamamoto received 2 out of 5 prizes awarded among 5000 entries. It was the very first outstanding victory for a Japanese entry.

In 1979 Den.Utopia ‘Messenger’ received the most honorable award of FCC/WOC Gold Medal at the Great Exhibition of the 9th World Orchid Conference. 

Jiro Yamamoto received the Emperor's Trophy in Japan Agricultural and Fisheries Festival and was given the special honor of being in the audience of Showa Emperor at the palace.

Den.Oriental Smile 'Fantasy' AD/AOS (left photograph)
Den.Green Surprise 'Green Surprise' (right photograph)
We created many Dendrobiums of the beautiful colors.

Our Dendrobiums have received high evaluation in the orchid show held all over the world.