our dendrobiums

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We want to introduce our excellent Dendrobiums, recommended with the confidence that we created.
Only the latest kind that were able to secure extremely profit-pursuings abundant, high profitabilities were collected.
You can see a more detailed explanation by clicking the image.
Note: The picture may contain 3-4 plants combined into one larger pot

LoveMemory'Fizz' Fancy Angel 'Lycee'
Upin King 'Cerenade'     Yellow Song 'Candy'   Lucky Bird 'Holiday'
Super Model 'Fancy'   Super Model 'Platinum'   Spring Bird 'Kurashiki'   My Sweet 'Wink'
Comet King 'Akatsuki'   Yellow song 'Lemon Cake'     Millionaire'Fine Dream'
Lucky Red 'Wonderful'   Joyful Day 'Joyful Day'   Oriental Smile 'Fantasy'