Den.Comet King‘Akatsuki’

Time of flowering/shipping: Nov.~April.
Cane size at blooming time: 25~70cm (10~28 inches)
Patent: Pending

Flowers have large nicely shaped round pedals in bright, deep reddish purple, with lips having distinct eye of dark yellow. This variety produces flowers well and sometimes more than 30 flowers on 50cm (20 inches) length of a cane. The flowers are long lasting. Such characteristics render this variety to have high commercial value. The canes (pseudo-bulb) grow to be thick and strong, straight and upward, which make the cultivation easy. They bloom early and are suitable for shipping at the end of the year with bright reddish purple flowers appropriate for the Holiday season. This new variety shows abundant inflorescence even on short canes and can be potted in a wide range of pot sizes as small as 4 inches, larger 10 inches pot with multiple plants. The variety introduced here at this time is a fortunate mixture of strong reddish purple and yellow of eye on lips creating contrast and more vivacious beauty. In combination with such quality, the long lasting flowers make the variety very valuable in market. For the last three years, this variety has been tested for market responses and their attractive appearance and long life proved to bring in higher trading values. Its future is very bright and could be on a center stage in market.