Den.Fancy Angel 'Lycee'

Time of flowering/shipping: Dec~April.
Cane size at blooming: 20`35cm (8`14 inches)
Patent: Pending

One of the latest varieties with medium size flowers appears graceful and
pretty in soft pink. Pink on petal tip turns gradually white toward the
center. Lip has lively yellow eye. The variety produces ample buds,
flowers bloom in dense cluster, together makes a lively statement. Very
ornamental. An arrangement can be in small and/or medium size pots( 3`5
inches). This early bloomer is suitable for timed blooming. Plants grow
well and easy to design balanced pot with 2`3 shoots in one season. Long
lasting florescence and vigorous growth make caring easy. When small size
pot is your main production, this is agmusth as your stock.