Oriental Smile ‘Fantasy’AD/AOS

Time of flowering/shipping; Feb.~May
Cane size at blooming; 35~60cm (14~24 inches)
Patent: Not Applied

Glorious colors of sky at sunset adorn this striking bouquet in symphonic
brilliance of yellow and orange. Dark green of cane and leaves only adds to
its striking beauty. Once it was high end product only meant for hobby
specialists and only a small number of growers purchased this variety, but
due to ample flowering and high profits promoted more demand from market.
Now we produce them only on your order. Canes are thick, straight and
vigorous, making caring easy. It is a late bloomer, and with a control to
bring blooming after February, new canes bear flowers. An arrangement can
be gorgeous and can guarantee high market value, if put into a pot bigger
than medium to large sizes (5 inches or larger).