Den.Upin King‘Cerenade’

Time of flowering/shipping: Nov.~April.
Cane size at blooming time: 25~65cm (10~26 inches)
Patent: Pending

Petals are bright reddish purple toward tips and diffuse gradually toward the center into lighter pink color, with rich reddish brown eye circled in yellow on lip round and ample with raffled edge. Flower stems are thick and strong, internodes short, flowers opening in one direction and in dense cluster. It is highly ornamental. Blossoms are extra large and attractive. Pseudobulbs are thick from the base, robust and straight up. As a whole, it forms a great shape in pot. Yet this variety is vigorous, robust and easy to cultivate. Flowering is extremely good: On a cane with 13 nodes, inflorescence on 10 nodes carrying more than 30 blossoms in all. This variety, a latest creation is expected to also show exciting future on market.