Den.Yellow Song 'Candy'

Time of flowering/shipping: Dec. ~April.
Cane size at blooming: 25~50cm (10~20 inches)
Patented: Registration Number 9746

A new variety is in stunning golden yellow. It has won a new status of rarity, since flowering on new canes are guaranteed, yet that is a rare quality for yellow inflorescence. Year end shipping is possible with timed
blooming. It flowers well, with 4~5 or more blooms on each node. Canes grow fast and multiple shoots can develop producing golden blossoms in
profusion, resulting in a bouquet full and festive. Its robust character makes the care very easy. We can recommend even for novice growers. Even a
short cane in 5cm can bear flowers. Pots in sizes (3~6 inches ) are
appropriate. This is a “must” variety for your stock.